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Company Ethos
At PBL, our flexible approach and customer-centred culture are the keystones
of our organisation. We recognise that clients require more than a supplier,
which is why our offering is supported by quality, reliability and our high level
of communication. Employees are the driving force behind our values and
behaviours, enabling collaborative working with our customers, in an ever
changing clinical landscape.
Specialist delivery of your biopharmaceutical
By building on the wide-ranging knowledge and experiences gained from
successfully manufacturing PBL’s commercial products, we can offer access
to our facilities and know how to progress new biopharmaceutical products
from gene to clinic. PBL has a wealth of experience that can be applied flexibly
to aid clients at all stages of the product development pathway.
PBL’s facilities include unique containment level 3 capabilities, geared
to the bespoke manufacture of low-volume, high-potency and/or toxic
products, as well as specialist laboratories.
Product Development
The Development Group offers a range of product-focused services, including
development and scale-up, product characterisation, analytical development
and qualification, and process troubleshooting, as well as pre-GMP
manufacturing capacity. Where appropriate, projects are carried out utilising
a systematic QbD approach driven by predefined, customer-agreed objectives
that emphasise product understanding and process robustness. Some of the
numerous capabilities of the development group are highlighted below:
Fermentation – The group has capabilities ranging from <1L benchtop
fermenters to 250L production vessels. We also have experience in a variety
of production platforms including Wave™ and stirred tank bioreactors.
Product Purification – The group has considerable expertise and in-house
capabilities in preparative chromatography, protein crystallisation, and TFF
from laboratory-scale models to 1000L scale.
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