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Protein Modification & Formulation – Our extensive in-house capabilities include
chemical modifications of proteins (e.g., antibody labelling and conjugation) and
formulation development. The group can perform high-throughput formulation
screening using cutting-edge equipment and understanding.
Protein Analysis – The Development team designs and adapts a wide range
of analytical techniques to demonstrate process reproducibility and product
quality of both final products and in-process intermediates. Extensive experience
in robust method qualification helps to ensure that such techniques are fit for
their intended purpose.
Product Stability Assessment – Considerable expertise is available in the team in
forced degradation studies and product stress testing.
Process troubleshooting
Sometimes, even long-established manufacturing processes may suffer from
unexpected problems and the Development Group is adept at determining the
root cause of process failures. We can also help with corrective and preventative
actions in the manufacturing environment. Such consultancy reduces costs and
manufacturing down-time, and also allows us to provide our customers with advice
on appropriate remedial action.
Process redevelopment and qualification
Experience gained from the continuous improvement of our own processes
enables us to offer a comprehensive range of services, including complete
process redesign, introduction of disposable technology, process modernisation
and improved analytical methods. These activities are underpinned by the expert
knowledge of our regulatory and validation teams.
Global Reach
At PBL, our experience spans collaborations and partnerships from start-up
biotech to large pharmaceutical organisations on a worldwide basis. We have active
biotech and bioprocess collaborations with academic departments and worldwide
government institutions. By working with us, you can expedite your development
programme by leveraging decades of knowledge and experience in the production
of biopharmaceuticals. With a customer-centric attitude and quality-focussed
optimisation you can be assured we will deliver flexible and focused services
at all stages of the developmental pathway.
We would be delighted to discuss how we can help you!
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